Best assets to trade

The financial market provides thousands of chances in order to trade them or invest. This is because of the number of instruments that are available in the market. So, you choose among hundreds of currency pairs, indices, ETFs, thousands of socks and derivatives and tens of commodities. It sounds bizarre but you can trade weather also as derivatives.

Since there are plenty of instruments,
how should you choose the right ones to trade?


Here most of the traders start to mess up. There are assets they know very well; they go for trading on assets they know nothing about. It is not rare to see a trader who knows enough to be successful in trading currencies, choosing complex derivatives like weather and Indices.

Instead, you need to trade in the category of the instruments you have the deeper knowledge about. You can make lots of money even if you focus in one security.


It is a smart action by your side if you check the liquidity of the asset before you decide to trade it or not. Liquidity is created by how much this asset is demanded and how much of it is available to respond to this demand. It is in your favor to trade on assets which are liquid.

Let's make a comparison so you will understand it better. EUR/USD is more liquid than a currency pair like USD/TRY. This is because there are few international transactions which include the dollar and the Turkish Lira.

Price Action

The price movements of an asset are very important. If the price of the asset does not show any certain move during the time, it is not a good one because it will not generate you any profit. On the other hand, an asset whose price has a certain trend is most of the time a good one. The trend can be an upward or downward movement in a security.

Top assets to trade during this year

Software industry is the dominant trend over the past years, and it will keep dominating over the next coming years. It is a fact now that big software companies are continuously being replaced by young, fast-growing upstarts. This is a trend among all kind of software: customer relationship management software, database software, collaborative software, analytical software, procurement software, security software, and more.

The top five stocks on this list are fast-growing software services companies. Even though Amazon and Microsoft have had good growth providing excellent services for customers, neither of these companies is on the list. Instead, the strongest players are smaller companies which are using their platforms to provide cheaper and easier software services.


Datadog is an analytics and monitoring company and it has an outstanding growth numbers which gets the headlines. They are the coolest financial number among other companies. The company trades for 35 times its sales, even though this is a very high price, the company had $96 million in revenue for the quarter, up 88% from this time last year. And its gross margin was 76%. The top five stocks on this list are fast-growing software services companies. Even though Amazon and Microsoft have had good growth providing excellent services for customers, neither of these companies is on the list. Instead, the strongest players are smaller companies which are using their platforms to provide cheaper and easier software services.


MongoDB is the tech giant which is fighting Oracle and winning each battle. Mongo is specialized in providing solutions in managing unstructured data. This is a huge category, many times larger than traditional forms of SQL databases, that just hold spreadsheets. MongoDB NoSQL database organizes spreadsheets, of course, but also manages all the data that are not in spreadsheet form, so almost all the data of the world.


Shopify is the company which has taken on Amazon and showing strong bone continuously. It provides software services to everybody who wants to be an online merchant. Amazon tried to enter this business, but in 2016 the internet giant gave up and let the road open for the smart start - up Shopify. The reality is that the $45 billion start-up company beat the giant of $884 billion giant. Consider how vast the market is for internet retail. Shopify recently celebrated its one millionth customer win.


Smartsheet is a brilliant company that has a collaborative software offering. Collaborative software has always been a niche market; in the old times, everybody had to install the soft in order to collaborate. Individuals can download the software and try it out; people who don't subscribe to Smartsheet's offerings can collaborate with people who do. Like almost all this kind of companies, Smartsheet has a “land and expand” strategy- so if people try the software, the number of subscribers multiplies from there. Smartsheet's dollar-based net retention rate is 134%, and its revenue is growing by 54% year over year. The company is creating a new market, replacing some of the myriad ways people communicate and share information on a project. What used to be a mishmash of emails, phone calls, whiteboards, and face-to-face meetings now takes place on a collaborative platform.

Zoom Video Communications

Datadog’s rivals for both the fastest-growing SaaS stock, and the most expensive. In the most recent quarter, sales jumped 85% to $167 million. Gross margin was almost 83%. Maybe the most amazing thing about Zoom is that it achieves these growth rates while remaining profitable. Zoom is competing with legacy players like Cisco and Microsoft and is taking market share from them with its best-of-breed offering. So far, videoconferencing has been a disappointing market opportunity, with buggy systems that annoy the people who try to use them. But Zoom's motto is: "It just works." This market opportunity is at least $43 billion, but probably higher, as videoconferencing is far more popular when the technology works.

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